Accommodation: There are 8 apartments altogether, each with a separate entry. The apartments OREL (EAGLE), MEDVĚD (BEAR) and JELEN (DEER) have also got terraces separated by a stone wall, equipped with outdoor hearths. All apartments have an own kitchenette fitted in a modern way with all you need for cooking (hob, cookware and cutlery, electric kettle, MW oven, fridge, dishwasher) and own bathroom with the toilet. There is a central heating in the apartments, most of them also have their own fireplace.

Each apartment is equipped with duvets and pillows, blankets, bed linen, but there are no tea-towels and towels.

Please bring your own shoes to change into.

Capacity of apartments

Apartment no. 1 - EAGLE - 5 beds
Apartment no. 2 - BEAR - 6 beds
Apartment no. 3 - DEER - 7 beds
Apartment no. 4 - FOX - 6 beds
Apartment no. 5 - KUCKOO   - 4 beds
Apartment no. 6 - HEDGEHOG - 4 beds
Apartment no. 7 - WEASEL - 4 beds
Apartment no. 8 - SQUIRREL - 4 beds